Fix the issue “Outlook 2011 Mac Freezes when Adding Account”

Published on June 1, 2015


I was facing problem while configuring the Email account in Mac Outlook. Everytime I try to add new email account in Mac Outlook, it got hung up. And it used to be mandatory for him to quit the Application. Taking the same issue in mind I did research on this specific error and here today I am posting a reliable solution. So that anyone can get assistance to fix this issue, whenever they meet with the same error –

There might be various causes of the error "Outlook 2011 Hangs when Adding Account" few of them are describes here–

  • The size of your OLM file is just going to touch the threshold limit.
  • You are not using an updated version of Mac Outlook.
  • Your Mac Outlook database (OLM) has got corrupted.
  • Background Applications are causing problems.

Possible Resolution

The steps explained below may help the users to resolve the problem of Mac Outlook 2011-

  • Delete the data that are not required or save the unused data as a backup.
  • Update MS-Office with the latest version, for this updation- open word and click on help and then select Latest updates.
  • Repair the Mac Outlook database (OLM file) if it has got corrupted. For this users have to repair the OLM file. Users can use Microsoft Database Utility to resolve the issue.
  • Close the background application and restart Outlook again. Accordingly users can start their Mac in Safe Mode (it is a way to start the Mac without any non-essential background application).
    Then shut down the Mac OS. Then Press the start button and immediately press and hold the shift key as fast as you hear the startup tone. Release the shift key as the apple logo appears on the screen. It will start your Mac Computer in safe mode.
  • If still the issue persists, Contact with the support team of Microsoft and follow the steps provided by them.


In this blog, I have explained the main causes and possible resolution of the problem “Outlook 2011 Mac Freezes When Adding Account”. Hope it will be helpful for you.